Review Education Act

The Ministry Of Education is conducting a Review of the Education Act 1989. Submissions closed today  14th December 2015.

Our current Education Act been in place since 1989, and a lot has changed since then. It’s time to bring it up to date and reflect New Zealand now, and for the future. This consultation presents ideas for change to help us get there

 Education legislation sets the platform for achieving educational success.  It signals what matters in education and what everyone should do. It supports early learning services, schools and kura to create effective environments for learning and achieving.  

 Albinism Trust wants to make sure the pathway from early learning to school,  and into tertiary,  is as well supported as possible for students with Albinism.  

We see Education as a partnership between early learning services, schools, family, whānau, aiga, communities, organisations, and government. We believe it’s important that everyone is working towards the same goals. For us as people with Albinism, success begins with openness and collaboration between appropriately resourced learning facilities where Albino’s are inspired to succeed and thrive among their peers.      

Albinism Trust has made a submission on the review and feel in doing so we are sending a signal of commitment to strengthening the education system so children and young people with Albinism can learn and thrive.    Please click the file below to read our submission.

 Submission on Review of the Education Act 1989