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Albinism Trust is a voluntary not for profit group dedicated to New Zealanders with Albinism. 
Our next major event is the Annual Regional Seminar which is to be held on Saturday 5th December 2020 in Wellington at the Thorndon Room, National Library of NZ, Aitken St, Wellington.  The theme for this day will be Communications & Information For Success.  
From time to time we learn about parents with a new infant with Albinism and struggle to get their questions answered.  The good thing is that we have young families in the group who are ready and willing to give advice or support if required.  It is important for parents to be reassured and get answers they want.  We firmly believe the Mums and Dads of babies with Albinism know their child best and Albinism Trust is here to help when or if called upon to do so.  We also know that some families can struggle to get their head around lots of misinformation and ill informed advice about Albinism.  We encourage people to talk about things and ask questions so they get the information they need to be reassured.
A copy of our 2014 Audio CD Living with albinism  can be obtained from the  Blind Foundation library where it is listed as CD78973.   Call Library Services on Free phone 0800 24 33 33.
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