What we do

Albinism Trust responds to needs as and when required. We work closely with ‘Blind Low Vision NZ’ to ensure people with Albinism are able to realise their full potential at all ages and stages of life.  We have been consulted about everyday life issues for people with Albinism.   We have been consulted by:-

  • Educators from Primary to University
  • Banking sector
  • Architect’s
  • Health Providers / Plunket
  • Government Departments
  • Hospital and Rest Homes
  • Sports administrators
  • Employers
  • Broadcasters
  • Journalists


We have been able to ensure a good Sunscreen is at hand for those who need it. Click this link and print the letter for your Doctor asking for a prescription.  Department of  Health Sun Screen  Albinism Health .pdf


“Eyes  Right”….  (December 2011) booklet published. An introduction to living with Albinism in New Zealand.(c) ALBINISM TRUST Eyes Right.pdf(1,060.55 KB)

School years

Everyone has the right to Education.  Albinism Trust encourage full participation in life long learning from Infancy to Adulthood. In an effort to help a child presenting with both Albinism and Hearing Loss in the school setting, a parent has produced a helpful booklet which we commend to concerned teachers.  Please click to read this booklet as a .pdf file  XXXX’s ‘A for Awesome’ book


We have set up a moderated (non public) Facebook Group and you are invited to sign in to Facebook then visit us.  Click this tab.Facebook-ALB-NZf