Low Vision

Low vision is an every day reality for those of us with Albinism and there is some good work underway.  It is useful for parents and those with significant input to a child’s development to know about Low Vision.
Albinism Trust advocates for improved eye care including provision of affordable and accessible Low Vision Services.  We are pleased to have collaborated with the Ministry Of Health and others looking into the development of Low Vision services in New Zealand.  Albinism NZ has actively supported investigations by the Ministry Of Health into Low Vision Services.  Here is the report which was published in mid-2017.  living-with-low-vision-2017
It is important to have competent assessment of Low Vision needs. Albinism Trust is pleased to commend for your consultation Naomi Meltzer,  Low Vision Consultant & Optometrist at  ‘Low Vision Services’ in Auckland Phone (09) 520 5208   www.lowvisionservices.nz
We want people with Albinism to be aware of the importance of Low Vision care.    Here is a fifty five minute Youtube film produced in the UK by RNIB. If you need more information about Low Vision then this 55 minute video is worth viewing.  It has been produced for a  United kingdom audience but the information is universal.  View the video and discuss it with your Eye Care Professional.

A Recourse 

Besides  ‘Low Vision’ people with Albinism sometimes have Hearing Loss. Below is a booklet prepared a parent to  assist her child’s teachers. Its a 16 page A5 format with the top tips teachers should be aware of when teaching a child with Albinism and Hearing impairment.  As it is light hearted it goes down much better than a whole list of ‘do’s & don’ts’.    It is given to a child’s main teacher at the beginning of the year & stays in the classroom for any other teachers or class mates to read.   This booklet has also been given to other teachers/instructors/coaches of extracurricular activities to read e.g. Swim instructor & hip hop teacher. Click the link to read.

XXXX’s ‘A for Awesome’ book