Sun Care

It is very important for people with Albinism to avoid damage to the skin from the sun.     Albinism Trust has been able to have a good Sun Screen lotion made available on a Doctors Script.   Your GP should simply endorse the prescription “Patient has Albinism extended supply”.    Pharmacists are aware of this and you will only need to pay the initial dispensing fee   . Albinism Skin Care MOH

Click this link and print the letter for your Doctor asking for a prescription.  Department of  Health Sun Screen-

A number of sunscreens, both in cream and lotion form,  are subsidised by PHARMAC,  the government’s drug-buying agency.   The Pharmaceutical Schedule lists the subsidised sunscreens, and the criteria for determining who has access to the subsidy  (see page 68 of the Schedule).The latest version  (February2009)  oft he Pharmaceutical Schedule is freely available from PHARMAC’s website   (