Links to resources

Albinism Trust has a number of organisations which we  confidently  recommend.  Listed below are a selection of useful resources.     

 Albinism Australia   Albinism Fellowship of Australia
Albinism UK   British Albinism Fellowship
Albinism US   ‘NOAH’   Research
Blind Low Vision NZ      (Formerly Blind Foundation)
Parents of Vision Impaired  (PVI   Parent & Family support
Blind Education (BLENNZ)   Educational Support
Optometrist     New Zealand Optometrist’s
Pacific Albinism Project   Pacific Albinism Project
Low Vision NZ (SLS)   Sight Loss Services New Zealand
Low Vision Consultant Naomi Meltzer  Low Vision Services
Macular Degeneration NZ    MD Awareness & Support
The Vision for Tomorrow   Information about albinism